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If you’ve been looking for a game to play and need something to play until the NEXT BIG THING comes, you may want to check out Albion.

Things to know… It is a complicated game… it takes time to learn how things work, and how the various working things interact with each other. There are folks that will help you understand, but if you don’t want complicated you can hold that against this game. I would call it a grindy game. You feel a real sense of accomplishment when you advance a skill. There are no quests, it is a sandbox. You pick your in game goals and pursue them best you can. It is a PVP game. There are blue zones (no PVP), yellow zones (other players can kill you but there is no benefit to them to do so), red zones (other players can kill you and they have a chance to get some stuff from you), and black zones (other players can kill you and take all of your stuff if they do). I consider Albion Online a subscription game. The subscription gives you benefits you don’t want to be without… at least for a little while. So, I recommend assuming that you will want the benefits and being pleasantly surprised when you decide you can forgo them. (Sub price is $10/month if you go monthly and down to $7/month if you go annual. They also have 3 and 6 month prices.) Finally, because the game at its heart is an economic game… you need to find something enjoyable to earn you silver. Somehow, someway, you must earn silver. You may hate pvp but love selling the best pies to the pvpers… or the best mounts… or whatever… players craft everything (including, I’ve been told, the loot the npcs drop).

I have been playing regularly with the OTG folks for about two weeks now and I spent some hours in game before that. I have focused on gathering mostly. I have spent most of my time in blue and yellow zones without a problem. I have run through red and black zones fearing for my life to get somewhere I wanted to get, but I haven’t stayed there. OTG has a territory in a black zone which makes that zone safe’ish for OTG people and a number of experience players go there frequently. (I don’t think I’m yet ready to really enjoy being there so I haven’t done more than get an introduction to the area.) The OTG group is mostly advanced players. It would be great to get some new folks.

The established OTG folks enjoy the economy side of the game… gathering, crafting, buying and selling stuff… or they enjoy the PVP side of the game… getting more stuff from killing people than you lose when you get killed… or they enjoy both. So, you can probably find a kindred spirit here. If the idea of having to calculate the risk of traveling places where someone might kill you just makes you sick to your stomach… you probably want to pass this up.

Things to do in the game that are on the more adventurous side… there are expeditions (mini dungeons perfectly safe from pvp) and actual open world dungeons which can be in safe zones (blue) or in one of the other non safe in some degree zones (yellow, red, black). Some are solo and some group. Folks can also group up and seek out pvp fights or go solo and get opportunistic pvp fights. OTG has folks that do this. (No guarantee that they are any good at it though!) When you aren’t feeling adventurous you might gather (though gathering can be adventurous depending on what zone you gather in and… of course, the best stuff is where the danger is), craft stuff (armor, weapons, food, etc.), farm plant life, farm animal life… you get the idea.

Ok, so now… the real info… here is my referral code… if you want to use it when you make your account… enjoy…

Here is the info on the current sale…

The guides section of the Albion forum is great to get you started…

If you join in, hit me up and say hello!