Any OTG members playing Defiance 2050?

I recently went back to this game for the remaster re-release. I used to play it a lot back in the day. I am just curious if anyone else in the clan is playing this as well and curious if there are any OTG clans setup in the game.

I’m thinking about that. Have you been in game yet?

Yea I have been playin the last few days. I am around level 40 now and 1000 or so power rating.

It’s basically the same game as the old one in many regards so there is not a huge learning curve. The key differences are the big class selection window has been broken down into sub classes and you have limited skills in each class to pick from (actives and passives) and you can respec too. You still can swap class loadouts on the fly so you do not need alts.

The other main difference is the way the weapon ego rating thing worked from before. A long time ago it was based on your overall ego (since there was no level, you used to just unlock achievements to boost ego and then weapons would go up as your ego went up.)

In this version you do have a level, but now they have a new thing called item power rating. Which seems like it goes up as you get better and better gear. Basically this removed the need to do every single achievement in the game to get to 6000 power rating. I am guessing now you just grind arkfalls and such. Along with that is a new weapon enhancement system that is different from before. As you enhance it it level the item power level (even can go beyond your current power rating) and if you wear it, it spikes up your power rating much quicker.

The rest is the same pretty much. 5 classes to start (which you can buy in game you dont need to spend money) then 2 more classes coming in future months.

If you do decide to join hit me up.

I am Deathstalker in game

I’ve been playing a bit. I’ve made it to ego level 50 and I’m one “class” level away from having all 5 classes to level 25. I’m in some random clan at the moment but would love to join an OTG clan if one forms.

I’m Grauz in game.

Yeah, I’ve been playing it kinda casually. I tested the last public beta and enjoyed it, never got into the original, but I’m having a blast with it now. I’m at level 20. Going to stay ftp for a while until I can tell what the ‘real’ restrictions are. I miss the tv show, so getting into the story is fun.

I am… Timonius.

Yea, been playing it…loved the original. I’m the TWD clan on PC NA.