Atari VCS

So, is anyone else interested in this system, or just me? I admit that I am holding off from pulling the trigger, but the nostalgia is strong.

Yeah I want one, but what kind of 3rd party game support will there be?

That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?

Have you heard any news about the games or the software support?

I am guessing experiences from person to person will be wildly different. For me, I suspect the Atari VCS will be fun to unpack and setup. It will be exciting when I turn it on and look through the games. It might even be fun when I play that game I haven’t touched in 30 years. But what will it feel like after the nostalgia of playing that game is gone. Or worse, when I realize those amazing memories I had seem nothing like the experience I am having now.

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True, the allure of the console is tempting for the nostalgia. I have a small hand held 2600 with 1,000 games on it, so no real need to play the old games. I was hoping that Atari would remake some titles they still own, and some other game companies to pitch in too.

I think that is the idea, as it will certainly have that capability, but I haven’t heard anything about partners yet.

Every once in a blue moon I’ll check out an emulator on the PC for this very reason. No need to satisfy my nostalgia with another piece of hardware. :slight_smile:

Though I do like what SEGA has done with their catalog on Steam. Love me some Sonic or a good old fashioned game of Golden Axe. :smiley:

I didnt realize that Steam did the old sega games!!