Dark and Light Need Help

I just bought Dark and Light and it looks great so far. My machine, which can run Conan Exiles on basically top settings has to be set to low settings for this game. I have reduced ground clutter to nothing and it seems to run ok, but I would like to see my framerate, it must be pretty low. Anyway, beyond that I am wondering if any in the guild play this game and if they do what server are you on? or do you play single player? I have added mods, that may slow me down, we will see. If you play and are on a server, let me know where I can find you, I got lost pretty fast in the game and I am not watching youtube videos to see how to play. In that direction, can anyone suggest a youtube series for dark and light that would help me learn the game. Thank you!

Most of us are on the “Stormguard” server. Password the same as all other Wozzle World related servers. No mods I think.

In Both Steam and Nvidia settings, if you have one of their cards, there are settings for displaying frame rate while playing. Private message me if you need an invite to wozzle’s discord server, or the D&L pw.