Destiny 2 Free till Nov. 18th

Before the BlizzCon Opening Ceremony, Steve Cotton announced that players will be able to acquire the base Destiny 2 game on for free, as long as you claim the game before November 18th.

Any player who does not own the base Destiny 2 game will be able to claim it on until November 18th. As long as you claim Destiny 2 before November 18th, you’ll own the game past that date, so make sure to pick it up before that date!

2 months ago, Destiny 2 got its first expansion, Forsaken, with a new story, raid and more! This expansion will cost an additional $40 USD to those who already own the base game. If you’re interested in playing the new expansion with friends, you don’t have to buy the base game anymore but will still have to buy this expansion.

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