Hello Aerythe

I’m here …let’s see if this will allow me to post.


LOL Hey.

Hello OTG, This is definitely a different forum software that I haven’t seen and will take some getting used to but I can adapt. :grin:

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Yes, be sure to check out the Using this Site post.

I think everyone is going to have to read the Using this site

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I am here but not here.

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Yes, I strongly suggest they read it.

Only Munkin can be 2 things that are opposite each other at once.

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When you are no longer here, it’s because you’re There. :slight_smile:

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I’m a little strange, so my sigfile is oddish.

Hello all. :slight_smile:

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Howdy, everyone!

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Hey Mags!

Welcome to the future, everyone!

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Hey everyone. I like the default colors. Now to figure out how to message people…off to read how to use this site :slight_smile:

HAH think you’re going to hide from ME?


…and no one can hide from Aerythe… :bowing_woman:

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I’m a man I don’t read directions…

Um…ok? LOL