Hello hello hello hello

Well isn’t this an interesting new place? What kind of feature/troubles/fun can we get into here?

Happy to find out we can copy/paste images directly into our comments here. Very nifty, something I use all the time.

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All the troubles…

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So. Much. Trouble.

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That’ll happen when you start trying to pass random crap out of Jareds’s mouth like 50 shirts and pants confirmed in the Twitch stream there Sim…

HAHA, you saw that eh?

This is going to take a bit of time getting used to…=_=

Fiddling with the themes to make it most comfortable =p


I am loving the themes so easy on the eyes now. Also some of the new features are pretty darn good as well.

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The gray and darker gray theme is nice. :slight_smile: Can we change the light gray to black with stars and ships from Star Citizen?

Whew… made it!

Token emoji… :confetti_ball:

It’s so fancy. I like it.

(Inhales) Nice New Forums smell.

Shouldn’t take too long to get rid of that… :smiling_imp:
Also, Nice selection of smileys…

Rainman factoid: new car smell is the adhesives and plasticizers gassing off.


So new. So shiny. Almost like a spaceship…

But not the Carrack, not the BMM either…