Here is a real long shot... but

Anyone by any chance playing Tera?

I recently went back and am having a blast. But would like to hook up with anyone that is still playing. Pugging dungeons is no fun… and playing with guild mates in general is much more fun.

Let me know… here or PM me.

I used to. I wonder how my Popori is doing.

I gave up somewhere around level 35 or so, and even before it went F2P, because it was just getting a real grind at that point.

But yes, it’s quite enjoyable for a while,even though they completely messed up my US/EU account/region split…

I’ve been playing on xbox every now and then. I like my slayer :wink:

Can XBox play with the PC players or are the servers separate?

I have been playing and having a blast so far. I went elite for the gold and xp bonus. Leveled my Valkyrie to 47 in a little over a week. @Benbrada handed the guild over to me (thank you) and I have spent a bunch of time cleaning out the guild bank of stuff that isn’t in game anymore.

Started a priest to give playing a healer a shot… I generally suck at healing but I’ll give it a go for quick dungeon queues LOL

I would think that PC and XBox could play together. I’ll check what server I’m on this weekend. I played for a little bit last weekend and I do enjoy it. It doesn’t feel like a grind to me yet anyway. :slight_smile:

I believe the consoles and PC servers are separate.

I’ve played on PS4 some as well. I tend to drop in when they do new classes and levelling events.

now that’s just silly

XBox by definition can not play with other platforms, since Microsoft won’t allow anyone else to connect to them or the XBox to connect to anyone else.

Think this is no longer completely the case @Splutty :slight_smile:

“Fortnite Battle Royale can be played on different devices such as iOS mobile, PC, PS4, Switch or Xbox One. In this article, we are here to guide you about how a PC player can play with an Xbox user and vice versa. This is called cross-platform, and we will show you all the steps to play with the players from different devices easily.”

That’s a very recent game, right? Might be the only exception, or maybe Microsoft has finally realized that they’re missing out by their rigid rules.

But it won’t matter for all the older games, really :slight_smile: It’s the reason why there are several cross platform games for PC/Mac/PS4 but none for Xbox.

We’ll see, it would be nice if that could change!

Edit: PS. More people is always better, even if it is our poor console peasant friends :smiley:

Tera just became playable on xbox recently. I believe that it was only playable on pc previous to …what was it May?

me and @Shoolania are playing Tera i know this post is like almost a month old but we just started back not to long ago and still enjoying it i plan on joining OTG on tera later today i left a old guild last night so have to wait for the cooldown to rejoin