Messaging lingo

So when did ‘PM’ become ‘DM?’
Asking for a friend who didn’t get the memo. :wink:

Sorry, I am still known as the DM (TheDM) by my first internet handle!

I dunno when exactly, but all the cool kids now DM each other. Maybe it started with Twitter? I dunno. I do know that Discord and Discourse both refer to Direct Messages instead of Private Messages…probably because those messages are not truly private.

Plus that nasty GDPR thing…have to be careful about what you say is private.


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Someone could screen shot private and there could be a lawsuit. Screenshots are foreva there @Cefwyn :crazy_face:

Well, I’m good with replacing “PM” with “DM” runs to go fix necessary templates

I wouldn’t have the foggiest notion what a DM is.

Of course, I’m not sure I knew wtf a PM was, either, when I joined OTG…

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how about a PST?
PST= Please Send Tell
PM= Private Message
DM= Direct Message

Or, if it is somewhere that is both important and likely to be confusing, we don’t use an acronym to begin with. :stuck_out_tongue:

At the very least, we should be consistent (says the tech writer). IDC what you wanna call it, but don’t call it a PM in one piece of official blah blah and a DM in another. That’s just mean.

How about just Message? Blame the EU and GDPR for the hysteria over privacy.

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Ah, you mean FU and GFYS. [I’ve started encrypting all acronyms to provide additional privacy.]

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Sounds super seekrat! :thinking:

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Who ARE you? [That was in my best Inigo Montoya voice.]

Your stalker of course! :star_struck:

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Dungeon Master from D&D

I see what you did there. :rofl:::point_right::ok_hand::rofl:

Do you DM while taking a BM in the PM?
I ask as an ST (Storyteller -DM equivalent in White Wolf) with a little doody duty for you.


Nope, just BMs in AM and PM as needed or when I see an Ancient Red Dragon!