Monthly Giveaway May 2018

Giveaway Rules:

Send @SidonieAlaise a Private Message with the title “OTG Giveaway”. Include in your message a suggestion for which game should be featured in OTG’s new Game of the Month.
Only one item will be given per person unless otherwise stated.
You may request to be entered for a specific item, or items.
Past winners are eligible to enter the current contest.
Entry into the giveaway ends May 31st @ 6PM EST
Winners must respond to PM within 7 days of the announcement and PM to the winners to claim their prizes. Prizes are forfeit after 7 days if unclaimed, and new winner will be drawn for that prize.

Available Prizes


Format: PC humblebundle/steam
Donor: Kayin

image image

Format: mobi or epub
Donor: Aerythe


Format: digital (must have battlenet ID)
Donor: Anonymous

All prizes are being offered in digital format only. Instructions on how to redeem along with link or code necessary to redeem will be provided to winners upon confirmation.

Special thanks to Kayin, who donated a few months worth of games codes to this giveaway. Also special thanks to Aerythe for donating a copy of two of her books for this month’s giveaway and an Anonymous donor :slight_smile:

Deadline to enter: May 31st 6pm EST

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Poop monster!

its a coconut i swear! XD

just a reminder that its almost the end of the month and drawing time! Be sure to get your entry in soon!

If it’s a Coconut, then… OOWIE!

Congratulations to this month’s winners!!!

@Dean340 - Aerythe’s book bundle
@Chantillary - WoW pet
@CountOakland - L.A. Noire

Yay! I are a winner (and not a wiener like Binazzi and Prissy said).

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Congrtulations to all… !!

Thank you very much @Kayin!

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