Music - Old prog rock gem found: Druid

A few months ago i found an old prog rock album from '75 that i’d never heard before. I fell in love with it and thought i’d share it for any of you other '70s prog fans that don’t know it. The band is Druid and the album is Toward The Sun. Their style reminds me of a few bands every once in a while (early Yes, Gentle Giant, Kayak, Camel), but most of the time it’s something soft, strong and delicious that i haven’t really heard before.

Here’s the entire album (there’s a 2003 remastered version on Amazon).

Here’s them playing Voices and Theme from the album on the Old Grey Whistle Test tv show

PS. Did you catch the poster for The Baker Gurvitz Army behind the talking head in the intro? Very obscure!

Let me know what you think?

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I listen to a lot of prog rock and prog metal, mostly newer stuff from the last few decades, but I love me some older prog as well. Druid is some good ole prog, they remind me of Yes also.

Yeah, i miss having you reply in The Song Game thread because you always turn us on to some great prog. :smiley:

I especially like softer prog that’s evocative of vulnerable emotions, but i also like some that’s more fierce and ruthless. I’m a musician and create music in a genre that i call afro-electro-prog: each song tells a story or takes the listener on a journey evoked by textures, melodies and ostinatos, but i combine that with afro-cuban and electronic elements to make many of the pieces dance-able. Much of my own music tends to be pretty fierce and ruthless, although i can’t shred, so no “metal” for me.

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