New Addition to the Admin Team

We are pleased to announce that @Thisnthat has officially joined the admin team. He has been working his ass off behind the scenes these past few months to help us get our new websites up and running and we felt that it was time for him to start taking the abuse, uh, adoration of the members officially.

His primary responsibilities will be in systems, user experience and public relations.

Please take a moment to mourn the loss of innocence of yet another foolish mortal.


Grats TnT… the recognition is well-deserved!

Yay TnT :slight_smile: Welcome to the nuthouse!

Congrats, TnT & thanks for helping out! :beers:


Congratulations. Great choice. :smiley:

thanks for all the hard work you have been putting in TnT!

Thank you for all your hard work and congratulations!


Yay! And @Magistos has the right idea with that pic!

Thanks for stepping up and best of luck, TnT.

Thanks, TnT. You rock.

Thanks for all you’ve been doing :smiley:

Thank you all, I will do my best too not break to much.

Grats on the red name!

Thanks, TnT.

You’ve already been putting forth heroic effort. I can’t imagine why you’d be crazy enough to take on more, but we surely appreciate it.

Thanks for all the help with the madness and welcome aboard the crazy train!

Thank you for all the work you’ve done and the time you’ve dedicated for the ‘cause.’ :slight_smile:

Cheers to you!


Congratulations TnT!