The Orville

The Orville will be back in December!
Continuing it’s quest at being more Trek than the current Trek offering.

A whole lot of post production and second half of the season writing is going on now.
That said, there will be some cast shifts, but nothing too serious.
Anyhoo, enjoy the trailer:

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Good news everyone! :space_invader:

I freaking LOVE this show! Which is funny because I haven’t liked anything Seth McFarland has done since Family Guy, so I wasn’t holding out much hope.

Very excited to hear it’s coming back, but sooooo far away lol!

Yeeeey i love this show!

I agree, I thought I wasn’t going to like it, but it was a great show and really looking forward to seeing more.

I think everyone I knew (myself included) expected it to be another cheesy comedy spoof, and were a bit shocked to find out that it was actually a really solid Star Trek style sci-fi show, with some humor thrown in.

Like the original (Trek) series, they even tackle some current social issues. I was pretty impressed.


About time. Been waiting for the return.

Very much agree.
I think they tackled a large number of current social and (mostly) American cultural issues.
From mob rules social media running a government, to gender imspecificity, to poking
the ‘is anyone correct in war’. Some of the insights were impressive and the humor on
the level of a social psychologist, while still being layman and throwing humor at it.


CBS: We’ve got a great Trek series!

MacFarlane: Hold my beer.

CBS: $^%#%!!!


To be fair, CBS put that behind a paywall, that I refuse to pay. =P


Same here, although I don’t object to the payment part. I just refuse to use Yet Another Streaming Client when I already pay for Netflix and YoutubeTV. If they can’t take the tiny hit to their revenue stream to put it on one of the bigger streaming services that has content beyond just their own little network, I can’t be bothered to watch it.

It’s not like they don’t have OTHER CBS shows on all the other providers. Somebody just decided to try to strongarm Trek fans into boosting their streaming service numbers, and when the show gets cancelled due to low numbers, they’ll blame the show (which might be good!), not the streaming service (which is horrible).

Meh. CBS self.shoot(self.foot); :gun: :footprints:

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Thanks for the info.
I can’t wait!

I approve this message!