What's up with Akasa?

Lots really.
For a while my life has been dr’s visits and D&D…
Now ASL lessons and opening my own store with a couple partners has been thrown in the mix.
And in all that… I found my half brother who was only mentioned to me when I was 10, and thru him my birth father, a step sister, and a great aunt… and a niece and nephew!


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Wow. That is a lot! I assume the dr’s visits have been at least fairly positive due to your ability to do all those other things. I hope that’s so. Congratulations on starting your business (store). I wish you many good customers and as few as possible of the other kind. Having so much new/old family also sounds exciting. Congrats on all of it! Best wishes. :smiley:

Best wishes Akasa, life never has a dull moment!
Is ASL sign language?

Best of luck with everything!

Yes, American Sign Language