WIN 10 pro 64 Blue Screens solved! Pls listen!

It is September 2018 and I had built a new desktop in 2015 with MOTHERBOARD ASUS M5A97R2.0

It worked great since April 2018 then all of a sudden, i was getting unusual errors after the win 10 64 updates. I’ve been a tech since the 1980s, and i have never experienced so many errors before! Blue screens every 30 minutes. After 5 months of tearing my hair out and replacing everything, and realizing i could not go back to my original 17xx win 10 64 pro build (registry edits didn’t help and MS techs tried to help too, and group policy changes didn’t work either) MS was forcing the updates!

Furthermore, with all the latest win 10 64 Pro updates; The BIOS and drivers were up to date, and CPU and memory were replaced also, still kept getting the same errors. SO i switched to a GIGABYTE 970A-DS3P Rev 2.0 motherboard and i have not had any errors at all!! I am so lucky to have found the problem! So it was not Microsofts’ fault. The replaced motherboard is so solid!

Although, i must state my opinion, if MS had not sent out all these updates for 2018, i would not have had to replace anything.

It’s happening more and more often nowadays tech advances faster than peoples wallets do. The old motherboard probably could have been usable with a bios update but Asus no longer support that model so no updates.

Tv’s are even worse now with a 12 month old model no longer repairable as the parts are no longer made. I fear its going to get even worse in the future.