Win a Real life Harley iron 883 deadline 6/25/18

I just want to throw this out there even if you dont like playing racing games its really easy and free right now since its in open beta. The Crew 2 is doing a giveaway for a chance and its really simple and all you have to do is play the game and get to lvl 2. deadline is june 25 1am pst so a couple more days

oh my mistake you need fame lvl 2 which is roughly 46k followers

Well…that’s a significant requirement. You still want this post up? Up to you. :slight_smile:

U can remove it, I just want to note that it’s 46k followers in the game nor in rl. All u have to do is race and win. My friend isn’t great at racing games and he got it. Can group up and if the person u grouped up with wins u still get credit and still get followers.
They put a cap on the open beta where the 46k followers is the max so once u hit the 46,499 followers your done.
It only take a few hours to do.

Still viable, sounds like, so let’s leave it up. :slight_smile: