World of Warships

I notice the oil reserve going up but not really being spent I would like to volunteer for officer status for this game to manage the fleet.

I am a member in good standing for over a decade and I am very knowledgeable of this game.
If anyone would like some tips, tricks or a buddy to play with my user is Wounds117 I have ships of all tiers and types

What is this, a Vatican Simulator?

EDIT: Misread, sorry. Please ignore.

Well you have my vote. I tried generating some interest a while back and didn’t really get any input back from management . We had the player base at the time to do some of the activities that WoWs was offering but no management to take the lead. I got tired of the solo thing and went to other games with an active community, good luck.

Is there a player base right now? I would definitely play some matches with you and a friend of mine will join providing there is.

there is a base and it does have some bonuses

deff interested in getting a player base started again if one is not present