3.2 to ETF

Just FYI, the Evocati have started testing the 3.2 patch.
Can’t say anything about what is or is not in it, but the process of getting it from ETF to PTU to Live has begun,

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Really looking forward to it.

I played 3.1, after not having played anything Star Citizen for over 2 (3?) years. And it’s a slideshow :frowning: I’m not sure why the performance is so terrible, but it’s close to unplayable for me with constant freezes.

I hope they can at least fix some of that in 3.2 so I can have a bit of a look.

@Splutty Do you have the game on an SSD (it makes a noticeable difference) and how much RAM do you have? Both make a difference. Maybe the coders will streamline the game when it gets closer to release.

Network Bind Culling is the tech that will greatly improve the frame rate for all players.
Unfortunately this got pushed to 3.3 :frowning:

This worries me a little since it has gotten pushed multiple times now and has been expected for over a year. Seems they are having real trouble implementing this feature.

I am sure they will get it done, but after how much of a delay to the rest of the game?

I’m normally playing this game at an average of 26fps, the low frame rate I can live with for now as we all know SC is in development, but I just wish they could eliminate that damn stutter, it’s what I find almost unbearable at times and makes combat very difficult. It can have you colliding into things as well including the ground when It stutters as you try to slow down or lower landing gear, the game doesn’t detect the key presses during stutters. Please just get rid of the stutter! :rage:

It’s the constant freezing/stuttering that gets me. And @JonC, I run my games off a striped 1TB SSD pair, so I doubt that’s a problem. Also on a 64G machine :slight_smile:

I’m pretty certain my rig isn’t the issue.

If they successfully bring in mining quite a few of us Prospectors will be happy

@Splutty It sounds like your machine is pretty advanced. So, I’m not sure. I’m running it on an i7 8700 (6 core).

It’s Sunday the 06/10/2018 at 10h pm . You are correct, lot’s of lag. The game is very slow. it is not your system.

You will need to be patient.

I can happily report that the stutter does not exist in the ETF build.
And that is all I can say, which is skimming the line as it is :wink:

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I am going to throw some random numbers out there along with my initial reaction to those numbers.



That is your random number excerpt for the day.

Fly safe, Citizens.

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That would be good, because right now for me it’s pretty much unplayable.

I’ve given up on SC mostly, only had a 60 bucks pledge in way back in… 2012? Dunno. lol

All the “Christ Roberts” videos on Youtube make me laugh, though :slight_smile: We’ll see in 5 years where we are.

As the owner of a modest 600, I look forward to seeing it in-game.

Quick update.
Last night I ran gunner for one of the devs flying the Hurricane. So all of the new ships are in now, and look good. I can’t say much else yet, but mining is going to be fun once it gets polished up a bit. And it really makes sense now that they had to have dedicated mining ships and not just “mining lasers” on any ship you choose. If this is how they are approaching all of the professions, then they are going to make each one fun and unique just like they claimed 5 years ago.

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