3.2 to First Wave PTU

If you are a subscriber or concierge or just an active tester who is in Wave 1, welcome to 3.2

We are now allowed to stream and share pictures and talk about 3.2 openly.
If you have any questions about 3.2 or the new ships feel free to ask and I will answer as best I can.

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Awesome! Lanwar is starting tomorrow and I can’t wait .
I’ll have some time just to play games and will be all over this!

Playing it now.

Copied my account to the PTU this morning. I’ll be poking around with it this evening :slight_smile:

Scanning isn’t a golf swing and Mining is a delicate art…

Well, it runs a lot better, but I have a new bug all the time, well new to me, not sure if its new to SC, where every other time I exit the pilot seat, my avatar re-enters the seat all by himself and I cant exit again or fly or do anything. I have no option but to relog, very annoying. Also I find the new quantum system seems buggy, sometimes cant spool the drive and enter quantum travel.

Okay here’s what I’ve found as a result of mining.

Yela minerals:

Agricium is very difficult to mine, so far the initial fracture of the rock seems to be at around 60-65 % laser power. Smaller chunks at around 8-15% power.

This is a known bug specific to this patch. Expect it to be fixed later today with the next update

Isn’t mining fun?
Like I said in a Spectrum post, if they can make all professions this unique and engaging then they will have succeeeded

If they have something in line for gameplay for my Vulture than yes, I’d agree it’s on the path to success…

Maybe it’s me… normally I only update and login to get a look at any of the ships in my fleet that have been added as either hangar ready or flyable.

last night I updated… logged in and when clicking on a spawn point on the hangar floor discovered that the mobi glass was quite a bit different. Looks good. But I don’t see a list of ships that can spawn and fit that size spawn point. I get a garbled list of everything that I assume is hangar ready. I pick one that I think is a matching size. It pauses for a good 30 seconds and nothing appears. Am I missing something?

I can get things to spawn at Crusader… but I have trouble finding the doors. :slight_smile: I spawned in my Terrapin, found the door, got in the way of the door and it stopped halway open. No option to continue to open or close it. So I stood there jumping up and down to see if I could look inside.

I did howver have a peek around the 600i. What a sexy ship that is… :slight_smile:

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@ProvokeMe Nope, not just you. I went in my Revel & York hangar and only saw spawn points for 1 (smallest ships) and none for 2, 3, 4 or 5 (I think there was a 5 at one point). Anyway, I wanted to see my 600i and couldn’t. I went to Crusader and someone must have had their ship on the Landing Pad because my 600i wouldn’t spawn. :cry::exploding_head::scream:

Yeah the platform parkers. I hate them as much as the next guy.

There was… because I could spawn in my Starfarer at one point. Initially, I could see a spawn point for a 4. Once I tried that and it hung I couldn’t see a 4 anymore.

By the way… a Reclaimer doesn’t fit in a hangar :slight_smile: I clips into the second floor office and only pieces of it spawn. Odd seeing pieces of a ship hanging in midair

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I have to try that. :slight_smile: