3.3 split into 2 patches NO MORE! Update: OCS branch takes the win

IN case you had not heard the news, 3.3 is now going to ONLY contain the new ships and races and such but NO new locations. The OCS system needs more testing before they are willing to put it out in the wild soooooo

They will release 3.3.0 on Oct 10th for CitizenCon which will contain the new ships and features but NOT Hurston or OCS.

Then in about a month to 6 weeks they plan to push out 3.3.5 which will contain the remainder of what was supposed to be in 3.3

ETF testing still has not started, though we are poised and ready. No news of any builds for the weekend so it is likely we wont start testing until some time mid week next week. Which leaves a VERY short window to test for CitizenCon release.

More news as I hear it.

**** UPDATE ****
The features relying on OCS are done, such as Hurston and moons.
The delay is not to finish OCS, it is going to make the deadline as intended.
The delay is to allow for extended testing of OCS as it is such a large scale and broad change to the entire system.


See my post below, the non-OCS branch has been dropped!

Cool, I am glad they are keeping the release schedule and pushing OCS back till it’s fully baked. Also notifying the fanbase weeks prior is a welcomed step in the right direction.

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I agree. And from what we got last week, the OCS feature is basically done but they are pushing it back for extended testing because of the scope of the changes involved.

I am even more excited to see this attitude from CIG as well.

Meh, so what, bit more of a wait, no big deal. BTW, I really dislike this new forum layout, I find it really hard to see what’s new and what I’ve already read… :frowning_face:

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It takes some getting used to.
But there are tabs at the top for unread and new, that is where I look most of the time.

3.3 has been merged back into a single branch!

That means that as of this week the decision was made to no longer split into 2 releases for the non-OCS and the OCS version but to focus entirely on the OCS version and release it at CitizenCon next week.

We will still get Hurston and its content in a later patch but that means it will come much sooner than it would have under the original plan.

ETF has tested both branches and I can tell you the OCS version gets 3x the fps and stability of the standard branch. And truck stops are kinda cool too.

So be prepared for a pretty significant download next week which will include OCS as well as a reworked Mustang series, a new Hammerhead and expanded universe including truck stops as well as a long list of other goodies.

Then in a few short weeks we will see Hurston, and the rest of the 3.3 content.

See you guys in Austin!

5 more days! I am psyched and ready to hit the road on Monday at 6 AM to get my party started! See ya’ll soon!