5.9.2 PTR Patch Notes

Hey folks,

Quick update, we are almost a wrap on PTS! Again, we cannot thank you all enough for the time you have spent testing 5.9.2. Your feedback has been invaluable in getting us to this point. The plan right now is that we will have our final PTS patch either later today or tomorrow. We are going to focus the last stage of testing on:
•Rishi Stronghold
•Mandalorian Battle Ring

I am going to close and make new feedback threads for both of those topics to ensure we get feedback from the most recent version of PTS. Note that feedback you give from this round of changes may not be fully captured in the 5.9.2 release, but your feedback can help us plan for beyond that as well!

Here are the notes for the next build:

•Level 10 relics will no longer Bolster incorrectly.
•All items that require a Cartel Market Reputation should now properly check that requirement against the players Underworld Exchange Reputation.

•The announcement text in Voidstar will now properly say it is a training session.
•Scoreboard colors should now only show one color per team.
•The text in chat when acquiring a medal now states the correct values.
•There will no longer be a stationary ship in the intro cinematic for the Voidstar.
•Giradda the Hutt has decided to take mercy on all those who would partake in Huttball. A “mercy rule” has been added, if a team is in the lead by 6 points the game will end.
•Voidstar defender spawn shields now have an uptime of 24 seconds and a downtime of 6 seconds (Changed from 30 up and 5 down).
•Voidstar defending players who are not put on the speeder at the start of the match now have a speeder they can click on instead.
•Using interactable objects in Ancient Hypergates and Voidstar will now break stealth automatically.

•Players will no longer randomly die when using traversal abilities in the Mandalorian Battle Ring Arena.
•There are now 2 jump pads in the Mandalorian Battle Ring Arena that jump the player from the ground level to the top of the platform in the center.

•Exiting the camera bot will no longer remove sprint from your character.
•The camera bot has had its movement speed increased.
•The camera bot now has a toggle to turn the blue overlay on and off.
•The camera bot has been upgraded with new functionality, jumping.
•The camera bot can no longer be pulled into combat with players.
•Players are untargeted when they take control of a camera bot.
•A Bolster terminal has been added to the training room.
•More hooks can be found throughout the Rishi Hideout.
•A new walkway has been added to connect the beach to the landing platform in the Rishi hideout.
•Players can now access the awning on the Skydeck.
•There is some new sand on the beach in the Rishi Cove.
•Bind points have been added to the Rishi Hideout. Changing your bind point changes where you enter the Stronghold.
•The resolve bar will now show on the character portrait in the Rishi Hideout.
•Using the Skydeck elevator will now play a transition cinematic.

Galactic Starfighter
•The scorecard at the top of the UI will now display as intended.

Thanks everyone.


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