5.9.2 PTS notes V3

Hey folks,

Here we are again, round 2 of final changes . In all seriousness, thank you all for your continued feedback! You should expect that the next PTS build will go live either tomorrow or Saturday.


•All items that require a Cartel Market Reputation should now properly check that requirement against the players Underworld Exchange Reputation (for real this time).


•Players can no longer use traversal abilities, such as Force Leap, to approach characters who are flying through the air due to using a jump pad.

Rishi Stronghold

•Decorations should now properly block line of sight.
•The secret cave has been transformed into a room that can be unlocked. This new room unlock leads to a 3 bedroom apartment.
•A new “options” button has been added to the Stronghold UI.
•A toggle has been added to turn off PvP in the Rishi Stronghold. This can be found under the options menu in your Stronghold UI.
•When using the spectator droid, you can no longer use the nearby speeder.
•Players using the spectator droid will no longer be impacted by AoE abilities.
•The Bolster terminal will now glow blue to show that it is interactable.
•Only Stronghold visitors who have keys can interact with terminals in the Rishi Stronghold.
•Addressed some hooks being unusable.
•Added additional hooks around the Stronghold
•The new wall/cover decorations now work on a wider variety of hook types.

The one item from our “wish list” which you will notice is still missing is the ability to sort Strongholds. This is something the team still has interest in doing. There is a small chance we can get it in still for 5.9.2, but it is more likely to be in 5.9.3.

This sorting will work alphabetically, by default. However, once you start traveling to your Strongholds, the list will then work similar to character select and will sort in order of most recently visited.

Once PTS is up I will create a new feedback thread for PvP in the Stronghold (LoS and toggle) and one for the new “apartment” area. Thanks everyone, we’ll see you on PTS.