A couple of sources you guys might want to check out

Since I am playing Holy Paladin for the first time, I have done some digging. I ran across a few things that you may like.

  1. Icy Veins
  2. Method
  3. Pretty cool weak aura for Holy Paladin

Icy has been around forever. It is the go-to for raid guides. But what I did not know is Method, that crazy high end progression raid guild, has a series of guides that are also very good. I put both an Icy guide and the Method guide for you guys to take a look at. They do not have guides for every class and spec, but the ones they do have are good.

The last link up there is an example of a pretty cool weak aura. If you have never used weak auras, they let you set up visual reminders of when things are off cooldown, and how long of your buff remains etc. Players get really creative with them, and you can just copy their import string and use all of that work they did straight away. I really hate looking at bars, and something like that paladin skill wheel look great to me.

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Thanks! If people want it, I can add it to our Wiki links section HERE.

Be aware that some of the information on Icy Veins is out dated. Many of the authors have stopped updating or handed off the work to others. Most of the updated information is now being dispersed through their class discord servers.

interesting…I didn’t know this…