Add website FAQ with suggested default settings and how to change them

It sure would be nice to have a FAQ for this website which walks the user through quick changes from default that will optimize legibility.

My specific problems were to get the dark background hyperlinks a different color, which I monkeyed around with and got working. My current problem is bold text is not that bold.

So anyway I bet there is some perfectionist out there who spent some time getting the site to look good for them, and I want to just piggyback and use your defaults, and it would be nice to have those in a FAQ that we can just point others too when they ask about how to get the website looking good.

Or instead of a FAQ, is it possible to just change those defaults to the better looking one? My suggestions are dark theme (reduces eye strain and monitor glare) with different color hyperlinks and bold.

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I just use Vincent, no tweaking.

I went through all the ones on the click option, and AS Dark is the best one I have. Vincent looks OK, but the blue sidebars are not as dark. AS Dark is a pleasing dark with hyperlinks colored, but bold is barely worth the effort.

Not sure on where to get started tweaking.