Addon review thread, 8.0

There seems to be some interest in which addons are working post 8.0, and I thought it would be a good idea to kick off a thread on this where everyone can chime in on the addons they find useful and that are working. Note all addons are available via Twitch except ElvUI which you must download directly from the Tukui site. Note also that to use Twitch best, right click the open Twitch and ‘exit twitch’ and restart twitch. It does not refresh properly.

My list

  1. DBM- this is a raid mod, these guys have their act together, these guys have it working before each patch, it is a quality helpful mod and well worth the download. If you are tight on RAM, disable it for when you are questing as there are a lot of modules

  2. ElvUI- This is an interface compilation. You can set it up for one toon, save their profile, then just copy that to every last alt you have. I tried a lot of other things in the search for minimal interface, and the interconnectivity of ElvUI is just too valuable. This also incorporates things like auto sell of grays. Use this for target bars, raid frames, group frames, all of your bars, your own unit frame.

  3. Baganon+ all of its extras- I love this as a one bag mod. Not only does it have a nice clean display, but you can search that bag with the search bar, and it has sub bars that keep track of alt gold and even what is in your alts banks. I disable ElvUI’s bank/bag modules and use Baganon instead.

  4. TomTom- Type in /way x y where x y are the coordinates of the place Wowhead says to go to find that cave entrance that is driving you nuts, and up pops a big green arrow that you can move , which points where to go. I am so lost without this. You can open up the big map, and right click it to create a TomTom waypoint.

  5. Paste- Paste works great with TomTom. Ever seen a Wowhead quest guide where you have a bunch of waypoints marked? Well you can copy that from Wowhead into a Paste window in WoW, and it will add TomTom waypoints for all of those objectives at the same time. Great time saver for involved quest lines.

  6. Hekilli-This is a DPS prompter. What it does is list from left to right your next 3 best DPS moves, with the left most one being the one you should do now. This thing keeps track of all of your coodowns and procs and stuff and really helps you up your DPS. The main problem is not all DPS specs are supported, but this will help a great deal for the ones that are. Note also that these are prompts, you can not click with your mouse the Hekilli suggestion. BUT Hekilli is extra cool in that the prompt icon has a tiny letter/number on it to remind you what key you bound it to.

  7. Weakauras2- You can go way beyond Hekilli with this, particularly if you have some competence coding. You can also google search ‘weakauras retribution’ to find out what other weakauras other ret pallies have made that you can directly import via a string. People are extremely creative here. What I do with Weakauras is create a best action prompt based upon Icy Veins rotation guide, and I add indicators of each function. There are youtube tutorials on how to get started on this. I really love how I can shop around for cool stuff other people have done, or fix annoying things myself.

  8. Tidyplates- oh you can do so much with this. My son played with this instead of target bars for a long time. What it does is to the nameplates (turned on by N by default I think, or was it tab? I rebound it a while ago), you have life, mana bars, threat, target of target, debuffs, buffs. You can just look around the actual battle field and see who has what done to them and who is getting hurt more. Instead of staring at your interface, this makes you stare at the battlefield, and makes you more aware of game mechanics. This is really very useful for tanks. In general I do not use this for DPS classes.

  9. GTFO- gives you an air raid siren when you are standing in crap on the ground. Saves lives. Don’t raid without it.

  10. Postal- remembers your alt names for mailing stuff. Pretty handy.

  11. Macrotoolkit and macro extender- lets you make long macros. I macro most attacks to auto target a non dead living foe, which speeds up target acquisition. You can always tab to another target, but if you are just mashing stuff dead fast, this can be a life saver. I also use long macros for mount macros, such as the one I use to use a flying mount in flyable zones, a turtle for underwater, a class sprint for indoors, and a water strider for no fly, and for hunter I even add petfollow and petdefensive to my mount macro to gather it up.

  12. GnomeSequencer - I think the latest version is GSE2 or something. If you are old and you have a hard time hammering out a rotation, some classes have gnome sequence macros which you can just mash one key and it will do the next DPS move you should do. Again you can borrow other peoples creations, or get your coding nerd on and make your own. Some classes like DH are really easy to gnomesquence. Others like Ret pally are harder. It is not a panacea, but when you can use it, it helps. Where I have used it was to create a 1 button DPS macro for holy Paladin. Most of my keys as holy paladin were tied up with various healer things. But there were times when I could just add DPS, and the rotation was simple enough to just one button it with gnomesequencer.

  13. Fishing buddy- if you are going to fish, this helps a ton, and it gives you something to do while you are waiting on bites.

  14. World quest tracker- This was awesome in Legion. When you got to a world quest, a group finder would pop up and let you join. This helped me quickly get tough world quests done on low level alts, and just in general bore through them faster on higher levels. You can filter by rewards, so if all you want are order hall resources, well you can filter out everything else. Not sure how great it will be in BFA

  15. Details damage meter- this is the current best DPS meter out there. They were pretty slow to service it after 8.0 dropped though.

  16. Auctionato/TSMr- I am back to mainly using Auctionator. This is a lighter weight auction house mod, which lets you undercut and post easily. A better addon if you are going to go deep into AH and making gold is TradeSkillMaster (TSM). That has a series of about 8 videos on how to get it going. TSM will let you bulk post items, will remember a daily post list, will post at the proper price a lot of items fast, will let you pull out and bank a lot of stuff fast, will let you just click a mailbox and it will automail crafting mats to whatever alt that you set up to receive them. If you are doing mass posting on the AH TSM is the way to go, but the learning curve is a bit intimidating.

  17. Masterplan/Garrison Mission manager: lets you rapidly optimize who goes on what mission. A huge time saver if you have a lot of alts with order hall/garrison missions. I mainly use the legion app for order hall missions now, so I really only use garrison mission manager as an addon now. As for as why send guys out now, for Legion it is mainly getting rep tokens, order hall resources, gear for your champs so they can mission better, and maybe primals for use at the vendor to buy exactly the resource you need. For garrisions I mainly am running missions to fully develop my garrison, and go for those rare ogre caches of resources. Garrisons are still useful for generating Draenor mats for crafting, and the forge gives you a buff that prevents your gear from having wear damage, and you get a bank which is nifty, and you have a place for pet battles when Wirt shows up.

  18. Handynotes- This is a big plus for leveling toons up in Draenor, since you can just fly around and pick up treasures and each is worth about the same as a quest completion. For legion it is not as useful as the main point was AP, gear(mostly obsolete), and small order hall resources (get way more from WQs). I enable it when I am running Draenor, and disable it otherwise

  19. PersonalLootHelper- if you are raiding and something drops for someone and it is an upgrade for someone else, it will let you know who it is an upgrade. Both useful for you if you wish to be the nice person and give it to the person who needs it most, and usful if you are gearing up since you can whisper that person who just got that upgrade that you are there and eager to take it if they do not want it.

  20. Greenwall- our guild uses this so guild chat goes to you no matter what guild branch you are in.


Dugi Essentials or Guide is a fantastic edition. You do not need to pay for the guides to get the benefit of the addon. Think of Dugi Essentials as a newer, better, and continued version of QuestHelper

Found 2 more that speed questing

  1. Questic- auto accepts and turns in quests to really speed up questing through areas you know

  2. ExtraQeustButton- assigns the quest item to your special action button, much like a zone ability. Is smart in switching what you need here.

Those 2 are really accelerating questing in Northrend for me

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I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to add:

  1. Quest Completist - shows you all the quests you’ve completed (or not) in every zone. It’s great for Loremaster, or especially if you aren’t sure where you left off in a quest chain. Quest Completist (along with Wowhead), can help you pick up the next breadcrumb in a quest chain.
  2. If you use Blizzard’s standard WoW UI, MoveEverything is essential. You can move anything around your screen, even delete stuff if you don’t use it.


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World Quest List

This is a great new one. You can filter by faction, reward etc.
When you click on the quest, it gives you a red TomTom arrow with distance to target. Super easy
As you zoom out to the world, the list grows
As you zoom into a zone, the list filters to the zone

WQs are so much faster

This was an awesome list! Thanks so much for posting it!