Addon review: TradesSkillMaster 4

I used this addon in the past and was pleased. So I tried out the latest version TSM4.

What does it do? Well it does a lot of things

  • you can set up groups and operations for those groups
  • for instance I can make a group of old herbs and assign it a mailing operation to my alt Devilup. Then if I go to the mailbox and use groups, it will go through my inventory and mail everything to Devilup that was defined by that group. If you have a bunch of crafting alts, this can make the chore of distributing stuff around much easier
  • you can have a group all go into the bank and out of the bank at the same time, so if you want to mass post at the AH, this lets you pull out stuff from the bank
  • It has a database function that scans the AH, and will auto post your stuff at a price that will sell defined by you
  • it has shopping lists for crafting and the crafting interface is strong, and will even help you find which item crafts for the most profit

Well so in the past I had used it to say mass post inscription glyphs and potions, and mail stuff around, and just speed up the tedium of WoW.

In TSM4, you now get the desktop app. This scans the AH out of game and gets data that it then passes to you in game. The only things you need to get it working are

  1. TradeSkillMaster Desktop App

  2. TradeSkillMaster 4 (from Twitch)

  3. TradeSkillMaster_AppHelper (from Twitch)

The short and sweet- this is buggy as hell right now and probably not worth doing yet. I uninstalled it after spending hours on it learning it and trying to get it to function properly.

First problem was it would default to opening the crafting window.
Next you have lag on opening crafting windows.
Next mail groups would work about half the time, so you would have to manually do it anyway.
The whole bank window for TSM disappeared and I was unable to get it back
Load time in game is much slower

This mod has the potential to be great. I was loving the new tooltip- would tell you how many have sold per day, what the median price was, and that sort of thing. Really makes it much easier identifying what is worth keeping.

But…so much lag and broken functionality at this point, feels like a rough beta.