Addon Talk

I was away a while, and I am wondering if any new decent mods sprang up over the last year or so worth getting. I think GTFO is broken, which deeply saddens me, as I find an air raid siren when I am standing in stuff on the ground to be the spa music of WoW. Yes, more hot stones please.

GTFO still works for me! I get hollered at all the time by the bugger!

I haven’t had any add-on problems for over a year now on live.

Good to know. When I came back, Bugsack was screaming at me, and that was one of the addons flagging. I think though the basic problem was ElvUI was out of date and causing other problems. I think the guild chat mod (Greensomethingorother) was causing issues too, but now it works.

Ran across this addon called Hekili that looks interesting. Hmm, cool just posted that link and noticed it is exactly the format familiar from Reddit. Anyway it tells you what to hit next. Might give it a go and see if the target dummy dies faster.