Alpha 3.3 is Live and 3.3.5 is Evocati testing

As of late last night the 3.3.0 patch is LIVE. This includes a few ships, some quality of life improvements, a new mission NPC and of course the big deal OCS!

On top of that, as soon as 3.3.0 was live, the PTU got updated for ETF testing of 3.3.5 which includes Hurston and its moons. Hurston is our first planet that is available for exploration and has our first major city, Lorville. Of course since it is still NDA testing right now I can’t say much, other than OMG is it BIG. To give you an idea of how impressive Hurston and Lorville are, when I was first there this morning I had tears in my eyes. It is amazing.

So be sure to patch up and keep a close eye out for the open PTU testing of 3.3.5.

See you all in the verse!

Wave 1 is open

COncierge and Subscribers may download and play 3.3.5

See you on Hurston!

Those no fly zones are brutally unforgiving.

Yes they are.
But they are well marked as long as you are moving slow enough to stop when you see them.
The marking in red are not visible form more than a few meters away :frowning:

For those who are not interested in downloading the client but want to see the latest, here is a fairly decent video I found: