Am I missing it or is this not a thing on Discourse?

Is there no way to mark interest in a person like we can on a topic? Used to be a thing on vBulletin. Figured that Discourse would have it but I can’t seem to find it.

That is not really possible in Discourse. Discourse is very focused on categories rather than individual people.

So I’ll have to stalk my wife the old fashioned way, install spyware on her laptop. Got it. >.>

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Why not just have your laptops near each other so you can just look over to spy? Do I have to solve everything around here?

Yeah, I just walk up behind the hubby. :ghost:

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There is a roundabout way to do this but it’s not really something built into Discourse. If you use an RSS reader, you can point it at a users ‘summary’ page and the reader will get an update whenever that user posts anything.

RSS, one of the most useful, underrated and ignored technologies around. For years people have been bitching at Youtube because their subscription page keeps losing videos from subscribed channels. Meanwhile I’m over here with an RSS reader pointing to the feed of every channel I wanna watch and it’s worked flawlessly for years. :slight_smile: