Anniversary Sale Slated to start on Black Friday - Added Fleet View link

Hello Citizens!
I’m fairly new to the Verse, only started pledging about 3 months ago and am looking forward to the opportunity to grab a few ships that are not currently up for sale. Is anyone else planning on getting something new this year?

here is a guide by noobifier that helps with getting prepared

Also, I wanted to add the following fleet viewing and image creation website. I did not see it here already but may have overlooked it. Should I delete this and make a fresh thread?

This allows us to chose the ships in our fleet and play around with 3d models that are generally to scale, except a few that have measurements wrong (ex. Orion). Just select your ships, edit the quantity and click Start Now on the top left. Rendering may take a few moments.
Fleet View

If the Anvil Arrow ends up being a cheap LTI token my wallet might be a little more angry with me then I originally anticipated.

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Here is what I got from CIG re: the anniversary sale. Sounds like last year, multi-day event featuring a manufacturer.

2948 Anniversary Special
Each day of the event, a different ship maker (or makers in some cases) will be featured, with all of their wares available to you until the promotion’s end on December fourth.

November 23rd - Anvil Aerospace
Complete your Hornet collection with that elusive F7C Wildfire, and stick around to see what new tricks Anvil has up its sleeve.

November 24th - Roberts Space Industries*
Exercise caution when checking out the recently released Constellation Phoenix. The interior is so plush you may never make it out of the bar. And there’s a lot more to see.

November 25th - Origin Jumpworks*
The self-proclaimed “sexiest corporation in the 'verse” might surprise you this year with more versatile options on offer than ever before.

November 26th - Aegis Dynamics*
Guns, guns, guns! If it’s hardcore ordnance your after, Aegis’ full collection of heavily-armed bruisers has something to scratch your itchy trigger finger.

November 27th - Drake Interplanetary*
Word around the hangar is that Drake will be bringing their A game to the event this year. Power to the people, indeed.

November 28th - Exotics and Imports
The latest and greatest from Xi’an and Banu ship makers. And the meticulous craftsmanship of Esperia to boot.

November 29th - MISC*
Always wanted to expand your hauling empire with a full compliment of bulk transport hulls? If shipping and industry are your game, MISC is the name for you.

November 30th - New Manufacturers Showcase*
Check out the latest from relative newcomers CNOU and Tumbril, and stay for the best of the rest.

*contains limited-stock inventory

Remember, the Anniversary Special includes complimentary test flights of every operable ship. Try out all of the above manufacturers’ inventory on their respective featured days. Have fun and fly safe.

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Looks like there will be a likely announcement for Consolidated Outland and, perhaps, whatever was attached to that mysterious image in the recent ATV. (Likely an Aopoa design.)

I am just glad the sale starts AFTER I get back from Winter Camp this year. Each year my boys go to scout camp the week before Thanksgiving and I usually go with them at least for a few days. Last year I missed some sales days because I was in the woods.

This year I will be rip roaring ready to go.
Broke, but ready, lol.

Pokemon catcher!

I’m hoping to upgrade one of my Terrapins to a Caterpillar - one of the last ships I’m really interested in (for now).

Be sure to test one out in game first. There are a few of us in the org who have a Cat, and would be happy to let you take it for a ride.

That way you don’t get something you really don’t like.

I have the Pirate Edition Caterpillar and I am really hoping we hear something this year about the modules.

I whole heartedly agree. Its so important for people to test this game first and to know what to expect coming into it. The free flight this coming weekend will only require an account, you will need to pay nothing to play during the timeframe. Also, This is not a finished game by any means, we who play back the project financially (even to a limited degree) as well as assist with the Alpha level testing that is going on around Star Citizen’s development. By playing you also provide valuable metrics to the dev teams.

Do not expect this game to be “Fully Live and Released” for another 2 years. Once it is Out and Ready, in my own view it will be the final game I become truly involved with as its longevity will be vast. One point here is that Chris Roberts created Wing Commander and people STILL play that. Not to mention freelancer. This project has many interesting and amazing facts surrounding it but I will leave it for you to explore, one important one is that Modding and Private Servers are being fully supported and encouraged.

I have rambled enough. If you take away one thing from this comment let it be this. My own standpoint is that Star Citizen will be fantastic, it is already amazing.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but…

Modding will be a very limited feature and private servers are no longer planned.

There are tons of rumors, old features and stretch goals that are not valid any longer.
Some for instances:

Private servers were a stretch goal that is no longer viable due to the 2015 scope explosion. They mentioned this in a CAD or RTV some time ago. Due to the scope of the game in its current design it would be impossible to offer an option for private servers. What they will still try and do is offer private and modded servers for Arena Commander.

PvP and PvE servers. I am not sure where this one came from but the game will never divide PvP and PvE servers. In fact, there will only be 1 server at all. Eventually the regional servers will be combined (US/EU/AU) into the Verse server. This gets confusing for some people because they mix the term server for physical and virtual machine with the term server for shard or world. There will be many physical and virtual computer systems used to run Star Citizen, but only one shard or world that everyone will share.

Offline Star Citizen. This is part rumor part hack. There was, for a time, a way to force the client to run locally and not connect to the server. It was a good way to test performance without having to worry about other clients dragging you down. As far as I know this has not been possible since 3.0 and was never a planned feature, only a developer toggle switch. There will not be an offline or single player version of Star Citizen, that is what Squadron 42 is for.

Star Citizen will be huge. Not just in scale of the verse but in the level of detail and the feature set it will implement. This was not how it was originally designed. Chris did not anticipate the level of enthusiasm the community would have for this type of game. So he started the development with a scaled down version of the game he wanted to build, and then money just kept coming in. They recently hit $200 million dollars, a record for any crowd funded development. So around 2015 the scope went from small to hunormous. And with that some things had to be cut and left behind. Modding was put on the far back burner so that it could be scaled to properly reflect what could be modded in the new design. Private servers were just no longer possible. If you go read some of the original 2014 design specs, as well as the stretch goals, you can see that it was a very different game from what they are building today. And that is not a bad thing, because what we are getting now far surpasses anything that would have been in the original design.

And I agree, we have at minimum 2 more years before we reach beta. At that point you can consider Star Citizen launched for all intents and purposes. Once beta is here we will not have ship upgrades available, the pledge store will convert to only starter packages and all of the core mechanics and features of the game will be in place and working. Chris has explained in the past that we will not see a hard launch for SC like you do for other games. It will be a very gradual release of features over time that will build upon the core tech developed in Alpha so that Beta is essentially the start of launch.

For those wondering what Anvil has to offer on Black Friday, I suspect these will be the ships on sale:

  • Carrack_______________________Anvil Aerospace___Expedition_______$400.00
  • Crucible_______________________Anvil Aerospace___Heavy Repair____$350.00
  • F7A Hornet____________________Anvil Aerospace___Medium Fighter___$??.??
  • F7C Hornet____________________Anvil Aerospace___Medium Fighter___$110.00
  • F7C Hornet Wildfire_____________ Anvil Aerospace___Medium Fighter___$175.00
  • F7C-M Super Hornet_____________Anvil Aerospace___Medium Fighter___$180.00
  • F7C-R Hornet Tracker____________Anvil Aerospace___Pathfinder_______$140.00
  • F7C-S Hornet Ghost_____________Anvil Aerospace___Stealth Fighter____$125.00
  • F8C Lightning__________________Anvil Aerospace___Medium Fighter___$ ?.??
  • F8C Lightning Executive Edition____Anvil Aerospace___Medium Fighter___$ ?.??
  • Gladiator______________________Anvil Aerospace___Bomber_________$165.00
  • Hawk_________________________Anvil Aerospace___Light Fighter_____$ 90.00
  • Hurricane______________________Anvil Aerospace___Heavy Fighter____$175.00
  • Valkyrie_______________________Anvil Aerospace____Combat________$375.00
  • Valkyrie Liberator Edition_________Anvil Aerospace____Military Industrial_$375.00

Yea they have said that people wont be able to have a full private server like Live but we will be able to have slices. To mirror Live we would need Amazon type server hosting and it would be completely unrealistic. They did say giving the option to have 50-100 person servers with a limited scope, not all the systems and such. I have been trying to gather as much info as I can on the subject but it is still early days. By the time it is an option my primary goal will be to initiate one of my own, not for profit or to not play in Live but more for a physical record vanilla build of my own. That’s the idea currently though but like you point out, everything changes over time.

Here is a link to the RSI forums where the topic is discussed somewhat RSI Private Servers and Modding Forum Link

Yeah I am familiar with the public statements about modding and private servers, as few as they are.
I am just trying to temper expectations. The reality is pretty obvious, even a slice is not going to happen. Talk to the devs directly, away from the forums, you get the clear impression that private servers are a pipe dream left over from the original pitch days. Nobody really wants to own it because they will be the ones stuck telling the community it can’t be done.
Look for the signs. The more modding and private servers diverge into two separate features and the more modding is discussed as a feature to apply as a plug in or API, then closer you are to the official death of the private server idea.

That’s unfortunate. This is the first I am hearing this and it is better to learn about now than later.

First clue: There is no private server forum section

It is just Modding now, changed when they came over to Spectrum

But yeah it is a bummer for folks who were looking forward to making servers

I wanna make a server! Wah!!! I wanna make a server!!! NOT!
I hate Computers!

Computer geek

? not sure I understand that comment. @Toruk

Honestly, after doing more homework I found that @Simdor ou are not correct.

First indication is that Private Servers appears as a Tab, it is not absent. Also, the CiG people I am speaking with tell me that we WILL have an option for private servers absolutely (not just arena commander but PU). They say that they couldn’t abandon it if they wanted to because it was a Kickstarter goal and as such is contractually obligated.

Who are you talking to at CIG.
Because stretch goals are NOT contractual obligations, they are exactly that goals.
And unless you are talking to CR himself, I would say you are getting the company line, not real info.

But time will tell.

@Summer_Yeti I have been a Server Manager, Oracle Database software developer, Visual Basic Software Developer, Electrical Engineer, Test Engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt, and a few other titles. So, I have been working with computers since their inception, Hence, I HATE computers!