Anthem interest

Is there much interest in the guild for Anthem, I know I’m really excited for it and am going to be playing a bunch of it. Just wondering if we’ll have a guild presence in the game or not.

Link to site so those of us who are clueless, and those of us named Greyed (but I repeat myself), know what you’re talking about? :smiley:

Anthem is the next game from Bioware.

I am interested as long as EA doesn’t monetize it to death.

according to bioware there will be no mtx or lootboxes

I am looking forward to Anthem, definitely picking it up on the PC.

Here’s hoping they don’t do like Bungie did with the Destiny games and gut it for content to sell as DLC. The Destiny games have got to be one of the most grindy, repetitive, lite-on-content series I have ever played.

Yeah I know they said there won’t be any loot boxes, but this is EA. I don’t trust those SOB’s to learn their lesson. All they care about is the cash.

That said, I do hope they don’t. I also hope that the game is great, because I would very much like to play it.

To be fair, all I’ve seen so far of Anthem makes me give a very excited and utter “Meh…”

It seems yet another shooter that appears to have very few actual RPG elements. And my faith in Bioware has taken a very serious hit in the last few years, so I’ll wait until this has been out a while.

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I will probably be involved with it in some shape or form initially.

BTW, you can always sign-up for Origin Access Premier ($14.99 / month) and play it for a month to try it:

Yeah. That’s assuming Origin actually works, which it doesn’t for me 90% of the time.

At least they fixed the issue that on a reasonably secure machine, you no longer have to reboot into safe mode to upgrade the Origin client… :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool so there is some interest. It’ll be nice to have people to play with. For those of you still on the fence or wanting more information here is a great Q & A that answers a lot of questions.

Interesting trailer. I might check it out if it’s not too expensive to play… due to my lack of gaming time availability.

I’ll wait a few months myself. I just hope its not tainted too much by EA.

You’re funny :slight_smile:

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one can only hope.

With the government of several countries now cracking down on loot boxes and EA seemingly willingly going to fight them on that, should be interesting. I understand why EA doesn’t want loot boxes to be called gambling, as about half of their revenue is from loot boxes. I think that they are shooting themselves in the foot though. Personally, I would like all forms of loot boxes gone. Cosmetics are fine and that is it for microtransactions.

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