Anvil Arrow

Be careful when you’re flying low to the deck, she has a lot of drift to her. Hella fun though.

PC died on me, is just repeatedly booting and blue screening.
But I was able to log in on my phone just long enough to pick up an Arrow :wink:

Makes for a decent LTI token if it turns out I don’t want to keep it.

Pokemon Catcher! LOL Of all the ships and my limited budget, this is the one that too caught my eye. Ack not another ship I cannot afford for a game that I may die before I get to see in full release! Damn that hurricane was tempting too, but alas then there is that insurance thing again! I did add the arrow to the spreadsheet.

See you in the blackness!
Happy Holidays!

Passed on this one, clearly a fighter, I have plenty.

Yes but…


So I had to say yes.

I got 2. A blast to fly once you figure out the landing-mode bug. Waiting for the CCU’s to work so one can get upgraded to a DUR.

I really like the look of this little fighter and it has a pretty good weapons loadout for a little guy. Money is tight right now so I picked one of these up by upgrading my Tumbril Cyclone package. I didn’t have any single crew ships so I figured this would make a good single pilot ship. This ship is like me, small fast and loaded hehe.