Anyone active on Star Citizen?

Are there any members here that are currently active on Star Citizen?
It would be nice to see other members online and get together from time to time.

If you are currently active then please post your handle here so that we can all add each other to our contacts list.
I know there is a post on here about game handles but this does not help if its only me adding to my contacts and if half are not active.

My handle is OutlawJwales003
please add me

thanks, and i’ll see you around the verse!

Anyone who is here and active is probably in the in game org.
You can go to the org page, look at the list of members and see that last activity for them. You can also friend them directly from there.

But on a similar note, I am waiting for the website move fiasco to settle down before I talk to the admins. There are rumblings among some of the staff that it is time for SC to become a full chapter. This would offer us a bit more functionality in the forums. It would also be the point where we would start formalizing chapter rules and regs and putting together more guild hosted functions and events.

I have started fleshing out some of the ideas that were previously posted regarding the regulations and rules surrounding the in game org. One thing that will remain no matter what, we are a white knight guild as a whole so the chapter will primarily be similar in that we will not engage in or condone piracy by our members.
Other than that I will be posting some discussion in the coming days/weeks about how we want things to work.
There is still plenty of game to be built before some of the rules will need to be defined, but we can handle them as they come up and have a starting point well built out now.

Mind you, it is only a discussion at this point.

More details as I have them.

Hi Simdor, thanks for replying.
I have questions. I go to the org page and look at members but I don’t see anything telling me if they are active or when they were last active.
Also, I am under the impression that it requires both parties to friend one another for them to show up as online in the contact list. This is what other players have said in game chat. So just me adding others to my contact list and them not adding me, always says those players are offline.


You are correct, both parties must add each other. That is a safety feature so that when bounty hunting comes online you cannot just add your target as a friend to gain info on when and where they are online.

However, in the future there is supposed to be an easy way to see all of your orgmates. This has been promised for some time, so there is no telling when that will happen.

What I typically do is refresh my own friend list form time to time by going to each person that I don’t already follow on the org list and clicking follow. That way if anyone friends me looking for assistance or just wanting to fly together I have them in my list. I also encourage other members who are active to do the same.

Right now there is not an easy or efficient way to stay connected to org mates.

I hope it was not implied that I do not think you should start a list here, by all means I think that is a great idea. I was just offering other options as well.

Hopefully we will see more functionality in Spectrum soon where orgs are concerned.

Hopefully with an improved party system and group play coming in 3.2, it will be easier to group up. I play almost daily and I hop into Discord from time to time but without a decently updated friends list, most of the time there are 0/116 contacts online when I play which are mostly org mates from an old list.

I haven’t reinstalled mumble since the server issue a few weeks ago so Discord is the only VOIP I use right now.

Yeah a few of us log in from time to time. I feel like with grouping, things will finally start happening more often.