Anyone alive?

Seems like there is not many people around in the BDO section of the forms so I was just curious as to how active this chapter even is. :fearful:

BDO, WoW and ESO are currently the most popular games with OTG. Of the 27 people currently logged into the OTG Discord, 3 are playing BDO.

Don’t sweat it. Things look dead on the overflow side, but that’s because it’s a minimally active and lifeskill guild. We are super full over on the active side, but with a little patience you’ll get in. We’re looking forward to having you. In fact, we did sea beast bashing tonight as a group. We’re also slightly less active at the moment due to the octopus event at Termian Park in BDO. Feel free to chat us up in discord.

HI I am Star, I am fairly new to BDO and wonder if can get a link to the discord please or is it too early as membership is still processing?

That Evil Kitteh aka Shari C#8952