Anyone going to the Ashes of Creation Seattle Hilton Sat. pm PAX West after party 9/1?

Anyone going to the Sat. pm PAX West after party 9/1?

I live in the area and plan to attend.

I live in the area as well but doubt ill be able to make it…sounds like we’ll get the alpha 1 date at this event though so I really wish I could make it.

Get a sitter! lol Take vacation time! lol It’s going to rock!

Lol. I don’t have kids. I’m just going to a Party to Watch the UW football game. Maybe ill ditch a little early if I can stay sober

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My ‘kid’ just finished at the UW with a degree in mechanical engineering. He is the one who got me into gaming when he was 11 years old. (Runescape!)

Congratulations on your kid!

What time is the ashes party anyway?

Here is the note from Discord:

Glorious Ashes Community, Tomorrow, Saturday 1st, at 10:30AM PDT we will be having our PAX Panel LIVE from PAX. There will be some major announcements regarding Alpha One, Phase 1. We will also be showing new gameplay footage during the panel, make sure to tune in! Also, if you are near the Seattle area, we will be having a community get together from 7pm to 10pm, info below! When:
Saturday, September 1st.
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM PDT

Hilton Seattle Hotel
Top of the Hilton Room on the 29th floor

I wish I could make it. Hope you have fun! :slight_smile:

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Did you end up going?? How was it??

My friend who I was going to go with had to work and I did not want to travel to Seattle by myself. I’m sure they had a great time. Next year I will plan better and attend with a friend. Being out and about in a big city alone is too risky for me! :slight_smile: