Anyone playing the Original Everquest on Project 1999?

I played it for a bit, but then had to get a new PC. I’ve been thinking about the nostalgia of the game lately and even though the graphics are horrible think I’d like to play casually if there are others out there.



Hey, I am on Blue. My character is in the Qeynos area. Send me a tell “Phlor”

I am only level 9 currently but looking to casually group due to RL responsibilities.

What is your toon name and hours you play?


I have not re-loaded the game yet, was just wondering if anyone is out there. I will install the game again this weekend. My Character is 17 (I Think) a Paladin name of Daviticus and based out of Freeport atm. I may head over Quynos way… Reminds me of the time in 99 when the game first came out and 3 of us were all trying to get together. One of my buddies made a run across the Karana’s from Halas at level 9… Yes he died. ALOT. LOL.


PM me when you login. I will add your tunes name to my friend’s list.

My play time is gravel limited. But can schedule maybe one night a week to be online . I just dinged level 13. I have been hunting in QH for fangs. I will work my way over to WK for bandit sashes once I hit 15.

Hope to see you online in the next few weeks but I know with the holidays, game time can be limited.