Application for BDO Chapter - Elleris

Link to your approved OldTimersGuild application:

BDO Family Name:
-> Elleris

Character names and levels:
-> MorganLaFey - level 60 Witch
-> Bubblelina - level 57 Tamer
(these are the 2 I play most, but I have 1 of every female class level 56+)

Are you more interested in the active progression guild or AFK/Lifeskills/Overflow guild?
-> I would prefer being in the Active one, unless more than 1 NW is mandatory, then I’d go in the overflow :slight_smile:

If you are trying to join with friends and family, please list their names (forum/family) and what guild they belong to.
-> My husband is applying but he hasn’t gotten in yet

How did you hear about our chapter? (OTG forums, member/friend/family, recruitment ad on a website etc)
-> I was looking through the guild gathering rank in BDO, read your guild description and felt like it was a perfect fit