Application for BDO Chapter - Shinronuri

  1. Discord ID: Doibs#6977
  2. BDO Family Name: Shinronuri
  3. Character names and levels: Watsunabi:55 AprilHana:50
  4. Preferably the progression guild, happy for wait list.
  5. Unfortunately not, but hopefully to make some.
  6. Saw the name in the listing, researched and seemed to be the guild I wanted to join.

I’ve recently return from a little hiatus and looking to sink some time into this. I like to focus on questing and combat, I main a shinobi.

Please check out this link.
Enter in the required information and we will process it through. Our current Active guild is full but there is a waitlist guild we have, so many options.


Welcome to the BDO Chapter!

Our active progression guild is currently full so we’ve assigned you a waitlist number and will invite you to OTG (OidTimersGuild) until a spot becomes available for you. This is the minimally active/lifeskills/overflow guild. You can find information on how to receive an in game invite, discord information, current waitlist, afk policy, and other important info in our chapter guidelines linked below.

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