Application for BDO Chapter: Stormborrn

Application for BDO Chapter - Family Name: Stormborrn
05-31-2018, 09:18 PM

Link to your approved OldTimersGuild application.
Family name: Stormborrn
Character names and levels
    Min_je (new main- possibly) 56 - Lahn
    Aeryn_Flux (Old Main) 57 - Mystic
    Ronin_Zul - Striker - 57
    Morean_Zul - Dark Knight - 56
    Fistandanttilus - Wizard - 53
    Morren_Zul - Ninja - 56
    Laurana_Kanan - Ranger - 40
Indicate if you would like to join either the active guild (OldTimersGuild) or the minimally active/overflow/afk/lifeskiller guild (OTG).
    I would like to join the active guild.
How did you hear about our chapter? (OTG forums, member/friend/family, recruitment ad on a website, Twitch feed, etc)
    Found out about the guild on BDO's guild list.

Application was processed on the old forums. Member was invited on 6/4/18.