ArcheAge Chapter Information

Look inside to find information about our chapter on the Conviction server. If you are interested in joining the chapter please read the Chapter Policies and send a message to Boop and Reyba that you agree to the Chapter Policies along with some information about yourself.

Reyba, Boop and Battlehawke

ArcheAge Chapter Policies

  1. Broadcasting: Chapter members are not allowed to broadcast OTG’s intentions in public game chats, including but not limited to (trade, general, shout, trial, alliance and faction). The Chapter Leader and Executive Officer will represent OTG in these mediums.

  2. Conflict Resolution: Chapter members will notify an officer, executive officer, chapter leader or admin (in that order) to resolve a dispute with another player, faction or guild.

  3. Crime and Theft: Uprooting of Nuia Alliance public plantings in our faction’s territory by guild characters or characters associated with the guild is not allowed. Discussing plans of uprooting in public (static) mumble channels, forums, the calendar or guild chat is also not allowed. Players are encouraged to clear “wanted” debuffs (acquired after 50 criminal points) as soon as possible but it is not required at this time. Criminal points and infamy (acquired by guilty verdicts) can be reduced by completing quests in Marianople. Witnesses to criminal actions of fellow guild members are encouraged to report bloodstains describing the action to be used in defense at trial.

  4. Cross-faction: A guild/family on the opposing faction will be created for the purposes of trading. Characters in the opposing faction are not allowed to engage in PvP or communication with the other faction except for buying and selling goods.

  5. Dual-Guilding: Chapter members are not allowed to have a character in another guild on the same server that OTG has a presence. If the servers are merged the chapter member must leave the chapter or the other guild. Pirating or non-faction characters not in the OTG cross-faction guild must be made on another server. (See exception for cross-faction trading above.)

  6. Macroing: Trion has deemed that unattended macroing ,including but not limited to utilizing: software, held-keys, or hardware is against the terms and conditions and therefore not allowed. You are allowed to use any abilities unattended that continue automatically using right click: fishing, processing resources etc. Refer to the games terms and conditions for information on macroing.

  7. Nuia Defense: Old Timers Guild’s presence in ArcheAge is a non-pirating, non-griefing guild, and we wish to preserve our image. Griefing, killing or attacking other Nuia Alliance players to impede their progress will not be allowed unless it is organized and sanctioned by the PVP leader through raids and Kill On Site lists. Attacking, killing and strategically counter-blocking and preventing Nuia Alliance players from killing, blocking, and providing intelligence to others that would kill or block our faction IS allowed.

  8. Mumble/Discord Etiquette: If you need to go AFK for more than 15 minutes, PLEASE move yourself to our designated AFK channel. It is very confusing for people that enter the channel, say hello, and get no response or see people muted. Absolutely NEVER record mumble for any reason unless you move yourself to your own channel and that channel is clearly marked RECORDING IN PROGRESS. That goes for using the mumble record feature, Twitch, Youtube, or whatever recording device you may want to use.


Example Actions that Can Result in a Ban

  • Intentionally or carelessly harpooning, boarding or running into other player’s boats
  • Flagging up to assault or kill any Nuian Alliance character not on the KOS that did not attack, steal mobs/resources or cause grief.
  • Claiming in public chat that OTG will put someone on KOS
  • Being verbally abusive to anyone in chat or mumble

It is your obligation to stay current with the policies on a regular basis. Ignorance of the chapter policies will not be an acceptable reason for violation of the policies.




Mumble - ArcheAge Public Discussion (stop by to ask questions about ArcheAge in general)

  • Recruitment Office (request an audience with a chapter officer for invites, reinstatements etc.)
    -ArcheAge Chapter Members Only (must apply and be accepted to the chapter to access discussion that might include guild plans)


Please read the Chapter Policy before applying for chapter membership. An officer will clarify any of the policies if you need clarification.


  • Server: Conviction

  • Faction: Nuian Alliance (you must choose an Elf or Nuian to play with the chapter)

  • First Contact: Message Boop or Reyba in-game or on this forum

  • Recruitment: OTG Guild Members can join the ArcheAge chapter at any time provided pending review of that online playstyle is compatible with the chapter.


Read the chapter policy, message Boop or Reyba that you will abide by the Chapter Policies above.


The OTG ArcheAge Chapter plays loyal to the Nuian Alliance but VERY hostile to the Hurani. We uphold the law of the land but are not afraid to dish out justice and take care of business on the spot. OTG has a large economic presence in trading and crafting and a strong fleet and military.


Reyba - Chapter leader/Marshal
Boop - Hospitality and Events
Battlehawke - PvP and Ambassador


Our guildhouse is across the road for Solzreed Community Center with Craftsman Weapon/Armor crafting, workstations and Alchemy/Cooking house. We also have Tradesman houses strategically placed in Halcyona and Ahnimar and a presence in Auroria. Contact Boop or Reyba for more details.

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