Area for migration / renewal posts?

Hi folks;

Registered again now with the new forum. I looked for a place to post requesting member privileges in our new digs, but didn’t see anything specific, so–
–I’m a member and would like access to member forums, please.

Anything special I need to do for Discord privileges besides post a request in the Discord ‘welcome’ channel?

Thank you for your time and help,


Somebody got you, it looks like. Welcome to the new digs. :slight_smile:

Just in case you bump into someone else who needs the same info, they can post here:

As for this:

Nope, that’s it. You have to be on discord for them to fix you up, though.

It might take awhile, or even a few tries, as it is dependent on one of our hard working greeters being available to promote you. Please be patient and try again another time if it doesn’t work out.