ARK Servers list

Servers, all with mods, possibly with some OTG, listed by max players:

have thus 1 up
no password and pve

Aside from Crystal Isles, I also have a Volcano map up with some different mods.

Currently the old DinoOP on Genesis is down, since no one was playing it and the dinos were starving :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for copying over accurate info. It’s one reason I haven’t copied a lot yet. If you need something pinned let me know. Pinned = old sticky.

Can you sticky this then? Updated!


DJ, two more:


Updated again, all the spluttys died?

Hope and Shattered are normally up, but SteamCMD is being a serious @()#$()@*#@#…

So half the time my automated mod updates fail.

I see 4 servers on search, but listed the 2 that had recent play now…

I took both of those down, OP Crystal Isles might come back up, but Grimm Dogs was an attempt with Pugnacia, and it’s still a horrible mod for the server.

Anyone planning on hosting Extinction when it is available? Hopefully not too excessive on mods (at least to start).

The AGS servers are planning to have it up, yes, 17 mods, S+, AA, classic flyers, all on a crossark with all the maps.

I have a main base on Ragnarok, with base on island and aberration also.

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I’m planning on bringing up a basic server because I want one to play on myself anyway. I absolutely detest the soloplay/nonhosted way that ARK is set up, because it’s annoying as hell to maintain, so I just run a dedicated server even if it’s just me playing.

You’re welcome to join :slight_smile: More info tomorrow, when I know what works and what doesn’t.


Looks like they are having some delays releasing Extinction, so here is a new trailer to enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:

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But of course! It wouldn’t be Wildcard without one.

DJ: I was looking at the AGS homepage and server rules and it actually looks decent. If I joined there, would I join an OTG tribe or set up my own tribe (for more base building freedom) and ally with any/all OTG member tribes?

Splutty: I use ARK server manager and converted my single player game to to a home dedicated server for the exact same reason. I just haven’t gotten around to setting up a personal ‘crossARK’ thing as I am slowly progressing through the maps (eventually ascend to max levels etc.). I’m hoping to join up with a nice PVE server who will likely have multiple players on at any given time.

Tribes are a per server thing, I am in a different tribe on each map. You are welcome to join any of my 3 tribes. Ragnarok is my largest base, breeders there, Ven already joined there. I keep my OTG tag on my account, since toons and tribes change like this.

Main list updated.

Splutty’s Extinction (

level 300 ‘dinos’, 4-5x settings (depending on what it is)