Ascension spell upgrades, everyone please read!

We have all been getting pages for ascension upgrade pages or recipes for your ascension. The pages can be made into spell from lvl 1 to 10 by Alchemist makes Thaumagist, Jeweler makes Geomancer, and Sage makes the Elementalist and Etherealist ones. These recipes came from the goblin TS vendor in Twark. One point is that all lvl spells were not included in those books.
So if you got the adept and master levels somewhere else, a drop from some OF event please let us know. The 11 to 15 spell recipes also drop from CoV heroics. You only need 1 page to make the upgrade if you have the recipe, this includes the older drops which used to need 10 pages.
Please feel free to post what you have.

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Good to know, thanks.

If you happen to have any of the level 1-10 adept or master level spells please let us know.