Ashes publisher for EU

So Hashberry posted this in Discord, and this has me seriously worried, because if it’s true, I most likely won’t be playing Ashes :frowning:

After my previous experiences with, there’s pretty much no way I’ll play the game with them as a publisher.

I’ll look into the possibility of playing on the US side, but working with is a no-go for me.

Shame :frowning:

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Did you watch the Q&A steven did about it? All this panicking is seriously bizarre.

Intrepid has contract inked standards with them for security, server performance and priority. and have agreed to make ashes their top priority over all other games, and increase their technical capabilities to match Intrepid’s US standards.

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I don’t like it either. I get it, there are just certain companies you cannot trust anymore. EA and Blizzard are 2 in my book, I wont pay then a cent for anything ever again.

At least the US accounts are not scheduled to be run by the same company.

Neph, that’s all very nice and well, but the simple fact is, I don’t trust Fullstop.

They’ve made similar promises in the past, released media stories, done Q&A’s, and each and every time they were utterly incapable of delivering what they promised.

I’m not panicking at all. I’m just stating that if I have to play through I won’t be playing. Call it an utter lack of faith in the ability of to do what they promise, if that makes you feel any better.

You live in Europe Splutty?

Yes Bambi, I live in the EU, Amsterdam to be precise :slight_smile: I have for most of my life (well, in The Netherlands anyway, not in Amsterdam per se).

One of the advantages of living where I live is that I’m 1 hop away from AMSIX, the Amsterdam Internet eXchange, which means that my overseas pings are generally in the 100-120ms range, which makes playing on US servers quite bearable.

Ah damn, I do feel for you then. I wouldn’t wish on anyone. ;(

Hunh, after that last statement by it sounds like they have little to no control over game content, cash shop, etc. So it’s really just a matter of can you trust to not get your account compromised! :wink: That, in itself is a pretty big question IMHO.

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I have been told that is only handling the servers. As long as thats the case hopefully this will get a good launch.

My.Com will be hosting the game servers outside of North America. Sure, they could screw up that connectivity and response time for those playing ON THOSE SERVERS

But we’ll be playing together as a guild, on a North American server anyway. It’s what we always end up doing right? They’ve already confirmed there’s no region lock, so as long as the latency isn’t a show stopper for those outside the Americas, we’ll all be on the Intrepid run/hosted/produced setup anwyay.

As far as I can see this doesn’t affect OTG presence in this title at all. We’ll be under the Intrepid self hosted umbrella all the way.

So just to summarize: Ashes of Creation will be hosted/programmed and produced in North America by Intrepid, the original authors.

Outside of North America, My.Com will be hosting servers and managing accounts only. They have zero control or impact on game content. Intrepid very rigidly controlls game/shop content for all regions.

This game is self-produced, as in Intrepid is footing the bill for everything in North America but couldn’t afford the servers, staff and local maintenance in other regions outside the US. They’ve contracted with My.Com to do that for them overseas but none of the content will change between regions.

As long as they don’t force EU players to use for everything from payments to customer support, I won’t have any issues.

There have been games that do force people to use the customer support of their region regardless of what servers they play on. Which had some interesting results when that region’s customer support couldn’t actually do anything with the character since it was in another region…

They have said you can choose where to make your account, so there is no forcing one way or the other.

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Yep. As I’ve said. We’ll see. Blizzard when they just started forced me to EU customer service even though I had an account on the US servers. I eventually had to use a proxy to get my issue resolved.

But since Ashes isn’t region locked, I doubt that’ll happen with them. So I’m hopeful I can actually play :slight_smile:

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