ATV Scanning and SQ42 update

Scanning is starting to look pretty cool!

Loving the Eclipse :slight_smile:

Also, scanning appears to be very short range, which I really like :slight_smile:

Agreed MacAllen. The scanning looks like it is going to be the first iteration of exploration even if it’s currently just being utilized for mining. Exploring rock nodes and finding a large density of valuable ore will be just as exciting as scanning area’s of space and tracking down all sorts of things. This was one of my favorite aspects of EvE.

On the other side of it, I can’t wait to just be minding my own business and pickup someone else’s ping. That will generate exploration gameplay for the curious or piratey player base. And if it’s pirates then you’ll get beacons being created based on whats out there.

I wonder if they will include torpedoes with the release of the Eclipse.

The Eclipse is only carrying the same size 9 torps that are already on the Tali.
Are those not the torpedoes you are looking for?

Are they already? I don’t own a Tali, never run across one that would shoot one at me…

Yeah the Tali has size 9 torps, the ones that will be on the Eclipse.

This clip from AtV describes the load out:

I’ve been on a Tali that has fired them at ships spawned at Port Olisar since they reduced the armistice zone range. They have some really good range so the Eclipse will be more dangerous being able to fire them at long range and have the benefits of a more stealthy profile. Add in the fact that this ship most likely won’t be solo so there will be fighters keeping people’s eyes closer to their own vessel giving the Eclipse a more sniper style role.

Once the torpedo’s are on their way, it’s game over pretty much. Just have to get past the long lock-on time (around 20-30 seconds if I remember correctly).

The range last time I checked (which was around 3.1 drop) was right at 22km. That is about 10km out of current detection range.

The lock on time is 12 seconds but it certainly can feel like 30 :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, the current detection range for most ships is right about 12-14km. However, once you have tagged a ship and can see it you tend to follow it indefinitely. Meaning it can get far out of range and you still “see” it on HUD.
I have actually watched ships QT to another moon, land, pick up a cargo load and fly back all while never dropping them from HUD.

I strongly suspect this will change with 3.2 and the new scanning system, or shortly after.

I can’t decide if it would be cool or abusive if a stealthy recon ship can pass a lock to a bomber.