August 4th stream giveaway changed to august 11th

*We have lost an uncle to cancer and will be attending his memorial Saturday the 4th. We are going to have to reschedule the event for the following Saturday the 11th. Sorry for any inconvenience. Depending what time we get home Saturday and if our internet is fixed we may have a small give away stream to practice. Please stop by and drop us a follow if you haven’t already. Thanks for understanding.

We have had wonderful support from OTG members with our stream. We would like to do a giveaway stream and invite you all to come by and hang out. The giveaway won’t be restricted to OTG members but we also won’t be advertising anywhere but among OTG.

If you don’t have a twitch account it is real easy to set one up. Once you have one set up you can go to the eso website and link your Twitch account to your ESO account. If you aren’t playing ESO come visit and check it out. Drop us a follow at

None of this will cost you anything and you will have multiple chances to win in game gold, in game items(big eared ginger kitten x2 and other items) and choice of giftable crown store items up to 2000 crowns(x4).

We are looking to grow our channel and your help has been greatly appreciated. We want to give back to our community and hope you can join us.

Sorry for the loss of your family member. Now that it is taking place on the 11th I can actually participate, wasn’t going to be able to make it on the 4th. Still, there is no positive spin to this, I would rather your uncle have beaten cancer and survived. I lost my dad to cancer about 4 years ago rather suddenly (he went from being diagnosed to gone in a month) so I feel what you are going through. My sympathies to your family in this time of loss.

During the livestream event we will be showing everyone how we at OTG work together to clear a 12man Trial and also defend and Take a Keep in PvP
Bring your AD Faction toons and come join the fun!

We will also have a Fashion Show at the end of the event and showing of our OTG Guild Island

If you use to play ESO and want to see some of the changes come watch the livestream and join the fun it is Play for free weekend at ESO

Free Play Event
Starting Thursday, August 9 at 10:00AM EDT, you can play The Elder Scrolls Online free on all platforms (PC/Mac, PlayStation®4, and Xbox One). Once the event starts, visit our Free Play page and select your platform of choice. You’ll be able to enjoy the ESO base game AND the Vvardenfell zone completely free until Wednesday, August 15 at 10:00AM EDT.
Note that you will not need PlayStation®Plus if playing on PlayStation®4 in order to download and participate in the event. Some territory restrictions may apply. For Xbox One users, Xbox Live Gold membership is not required to participate in the event until August 12. However, if you wish to continue participating for the remainder of the event after that time, you must have an Xbox Live Gold membership.

We had a great run in cloudrest then hit some pvp finishing up in the sewers. Thanks to all who showed up on twitch and in game. Was a great turnout. Winners of our first ever give away which went smoothly are the following…

***10 of all research scrolls—baby_daddy@khewra ***sent

***10 of all research scrolls—jrgam1ng@jrgam1ng ***sent

***10 of all research scrolls—tcmexman@tcmexman ***sent

***big eared ginger kitten—sassy@sassy31 ***sent

***big eared ginger kitten—velocinox@velocinox ***sent *crown store gift 2000 (5 crates)***sent

***style pages: Ilambris mask and shoulder—aenonn@psudo36 ***sent

***style pages: Ilambris mask and shoulder—otgroml@roml ***sent

***Target skeleton, robust humanoid—velocinox ***sent

***Target skeleton, robust humanoid—duchessmercia@sieane ***sent

***Target skeleton, robust humanoid—cloudchaser999@cloudchaser9 ***sent

***100,000 gold—nophate_ @wembley ***sent

***100,000 gold—velocinox ***sent

***100,000 gold—dirtymudder@argonix ***sent

***100,000 gold—otgroml@roml ***sent

***100,000 gold—rescorla_otg@rescorla ***sent

***100,000 gold—tcmexman ***sent

***100,000 gold—tess_phyreforge_otg ***sent

***100,000 gold—otg_mrchase@mrchase ***sent

***100,000 gold—super_ninja_pig ***sent

***100,000 gold—duchessmercia@sieane ***sent

***crown giftable 2000—(5 crates) super_ninja_pig ***sent

***stonefire scamp—skorosmindkiller ***sent via Tess

***crown giftable 2000—(secure storage chest) @jrgam1ng ***sent

***crown giftable 2000—(2 pets) nophate_ @wembley ***sent

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Thanks guys for doing this :slight_smile: Didn’t participate in your runs but had a good time watching. Look forward to the next one.

We stream every day except on the weekends unless something is going on worth streaming. We may be switching to split streams very soon. Thinking of a 10am-2pm and starting back up at 7pm-10ish central. Having people in the channel helps us by bringing us up higher on the ESO list. If you have a second monitor join us. Feel free to ask questions or just lurk. Every viewer helps!

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Good to know komma. Never thought of a second monitor, may have to look into that :smile: I’ll definitely stop in your stream when I can.