Aurora and Cutlass Vs Hammerhead Video

We know nothing is really balanced, but it shows how current ship combat is way to fast. All the immersion of repairing damaged comments, having crew scuffle around in combat to do ship maintenance and duties during combat are still pretty mute. Can’t even get to an escape pod in the 14 seconds a Cutlass can destroy a hammerhead. Hehehe. Yes, one can say, the hammerhead should be able to down a cutlass fairly quickly, but the ship is designed to go against multiple fighters at once. If one gets a lock for a handful of seconds and it gets destroyed, no good. Hehehe.

And again, I know its not balanced. No need to comment on that aspect. I just thought the video was interesting.

The same guy also does a hammerhead against all other ships comparison also. Almost every ship is destroyed in a couple seconds. The biggest are just a few seconds longer.

Mr. Scott, we need mo… BOOM

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A couple of nights ago one of the devs took me and a few others for some HH testing.
We teleported to the far side of Hurston and spawned the HH, then loaded up full crew, all turrets.
Next he spawned a Super Hornet with a single pilot.

The SH took out the HH in less than 2 minutes. It was noted then that the test was done because CIG suspected the numbers were off and large ships were not scaling with shields and armor like they are supposed to be.

So I would expect to see a patch in the not too distant future that beefs up larger ships quite a bit. From what the Dev said the big ships are only about 10% of what they should be in armor/shields/survivability

Sounds about right.

So another test yesterday afternoon which I did not get to participate in.

They beefed up the shields on the HH, and it tested vs 1, 3 and 5 fighters. The single fighter couldn’t break the shields, not eve close. The 3 fighters were able to get a single shield to red but not take it down before they were blown away. The 5 fighters was about the right match. The fighters wore down the shields and started working on the hull. All but one fighter got taken down but that last one was able to make the kill shot on the HH.

More adjustments and another test this afternoon/evening. Will report what I see.