Auto Battle Pets and Squirt

I have the pet battle stuff almost fully automated now, and thought I would give input.

I use Rematch and the TD BattlePets script for it. Binazzi posted something on it, but here is the guide on XuFu which goes into the addons you need and gives you the basics of coding in it. On XuFu for any fight you can find scripts and rematch strings. You import the rematch string to load the team with abilities, and you then right click that saved team name to open a box to paste the TD script. Basically once you do this step you can load that team for the boss, and it will give you a box with a hotkey to press to do the next move. Sure speeds stuff up.

Where I made a mental breakthrough was in using AutoHotkey with it. See my thread here which has a 3 button toggle script. I changed the mbutton one to F1, and remapped the TD script button by juulz’s procedure to F1. You run the AHK script which when I press F1 will spam F1 until I press F1 again. But since in pet battles F1 is bound to the TD script next action button, it will spam through all of those moves until the battle finishes.

So let me show you the power of this. Yesterday Squirt was in the garrison. I used this XuFu strategy. I loaded up that team, added the TD script. Turned on the F1 spam. Then I would

(1) click pet battle master to heal pets
(2) click Squirt to start fight
(3) walk away from the keyboard for 1 minute while the script won the battle.

Now this was not a really big weekend for Squirt. Just a regular Squirt show. Here is the Schedule for Squirt compliments of Binazzi. On Christmas day, Squirt is in the Garrison with the battle pet bonus, so if you have the hamburger and hotdog pet xp buffs and the safari hat, you can do 2 pet battles and hit 25 with a level 1. This is the way to rapidly get all your pets to 25.

But for yesterday with the safari hat, hotdog and hamburger buffs, it would take 3 fights to go from 1 to 24. Then I would use a stone to ding to 25.

With my DK at lvl 102, I got a whole level of XP for 1hr of running this battle. Was getting 17-18Kxp per fight. What is cool here is you are in your garrison so you have a rest bonus, and it does not go away from doing pet battles. I have full heirlooms on this guy btw. Each fight takes about 1 min to complete. Rematch will auto populate the next pet from your levelling queue as you do this.

I did spend the weekend running masters and getting the teams and scripts up. I did this for vanilla, Outland, Pandaria, Northrend, Warlords. I also have a levelling team for capturing pets and that requires no healing that is scripted and pretty solid. That team is

Darkmoon Zeppelin (decoy, rocket)
Level Pet
Emerald Proto Whelp with bite, armor, and the sleep heal

It opens with the Zep, which goes in, puts down decoys, swaps for the level pet, swaps to the proto whelp. Whelp then armors and bites. It will hibernate if less than 800hp, or if target flies up/burrows. Because it heals and is the only thing that takes any real damage, I can run this nonstop. I turn off the F1 spam to capture, but mostly I can beat almost every boss out there with this basic team. If the proto whelp dies, the zep is a great backup too.

I got into all of this because I really did not want to quest to 90 on my DK, so I just ran the masters and dual gathered. Got great coin from old world mats, got great gathering XP, and the masters were decent xp, giving daily + pet battle on a rest bonus that never clears.

Anyway with the big Squirt week coming on Christmas, I am thinking of doing the thing where I bug someone to host my 20-something allied race alt in their garrision, use XP bonus stuff, and ram a ton of pets through the Squirt routine. Should be able to rapidly level. Last time took a hunter from 20ish to 70 in a day doing this. Should be faster now that I have it scripted and automated.

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20-somethings, ramming a ton, coming on Christmas, big squirt…Sevsa would like to hear more.

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