Awkward AtV is...awkward

How was it awkward? Not my favorite subject for sure, but between Ricky (the man) and Jutley (his hair) and the hilarity of Steve and Sean it was still a good show.

There’s a conversation I just joined about the lens glare tech they’re developing. The original post is that it’s too much and shouldn’t be in the game.

My point of view is that while realism shouldn’t be everywhere in the game until the rule of cool is just a better option that CIG needs to develop the tech as far as it can how so they know how best to apply that rule.

I just meant the intro, with Sean and the new guy saying “welcome to my first time on the internet” and I’m thinking “Really? This is your first time? I honestly couldn’t tell” :stuck_out_tongue:

Steve Bender?

You missed the joke. He is hardly a new guy, he has been developing stuff since forever with CIG.
They were cracking a joke about being his first time and it fell flat, that was pretty awkward. But overall not a bad show.

I know he’s not a new guy, but it was his first AtV and he was awkward, hence my comment. Sean is always awkward, it’s not much with the social skills, so it just made it more awkward :slight_smile:

Ah, Sandy probably needed a break.

I was actually pretty happy with the Sean Tracy, Steve Bender combo. I know they didn’t hire these guys for the on camera charisma thing and they have day jobs but those two can play off each other a little more realistically.

The Clerks nods in the shops was fun, and the armor work looks good.

Oh and now I want a katana to go with that sick Darth Vader/Techno Samurai armor.

I’m with you, I’m glad they didn’t hire people just to talk to us. Sandi is “mom”, Lando is “the goofy uncle”, and Ben is “the guy you never let talk to the customers again” :slight_smile:

And where is Ben these days???

I think Ben is completely off camera now. He has some serious health issues with a blood infection (I think) and that kind of recovery takes years.

While I am sad to hear of his health issues and I like Ben, I am glad he is not on screen.
He was never very good in the role.

Agreed. He spoke his heart, which was rarely accurate :slight_smile:. Countless false “facts” that got the backers all excited and riled up that turned out not to be true.

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Less false facts than wishful thinking and the desire to please everyone. The combo of the two is rarely a good thing. I like Ben also but things were and, perhaps, still are too much in flux to make promises that were not under his control to keep.

Of course, absolutely no intent, just a bottomless heart for the game and its backers…and no filter :slight_smile:

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