Before You Apply… Things to Know

Welcome to The Old Timers Guild
Laid back, not too serious, no drama, all about the fun!

In keeping with our name, you must be 25 or older to join The Old Timers Guild. We may make exceptions for friends & family over 18, but under no circumstances will we accept anyone under the age of 18.

You can find more about our guild in the Guild Information Category.

During the Application Process you will be asked if you have read and agree to the guild’s
Terms of Service, Code of Conduct , and Privacy Policy.

There are also public areas of our website and forums you can visit that will help you become familiar with our guild family and our philosophy.

Ready to get started? After you have signed up and logged in you may fill out an application >>here<<.

If you are a current or past member and are new to this forum, no need to apply again! Post >>here<<.